Poems By & Drawings of A Figure Model

As seen from the outside, as felt from the inside. 

A collection of drawings of Jillian and poems by Jillian on the experience of figure modeling (i.e. posing naked and being drawn by a roomful of artists/strangers). 



by Jillian Moreno


when i see him now it is with a peach pie face

apple pie hair

body all


he thought I said I had a range of ribbons

(I had said)         I had a rage of ribbons

furious with them- all black

and piled high in my closet

snaked, with sharp edges

spilling out of my throat, escaping:::

through my chest

have you ever seen a girl explode of black ribbon?

i am silked from breast to


and then some: black ribbon floor, black ribbon ceiling—

black snake tongues up and down the walls

and, over the threshold, on the doorknob,

one final black ribbon

to hold

the whole

scene in.


Vagina Dentata


The man to my left said we just want you to be comfortable

and then yelled at me that my head was dropping

when i looked up the cabinet had sunglasses on

and rolled its eyes

I appreciated it, and bared my teeth

at which

the man yelled

you know

we can see

your teeth