An Education in Entrepreneurship

The aptly titled The Education Edition, has in and of itself been an education in much, "getting it done" most of all. Full disclosure: The Education Edition has been a labor of duty, rather than love. Putting this together has been rough going for me, not (with emphasis!) because of my dear contributors and collaborators. They are the reason that this edition exists at all.

Susannah Emerson

For those of you looking to further your education, quit school or quit your job, pool together whatever resources available to you, and launch an experimental business that is modeled after the structure of your brain, I have been working on The Keep Collection for two and a half years and have accumulated the motliest set of skills. I can how to google anything and get a good enough answer. I can cold call anyone. I can recover from rejection. I can send a follow up email even when I feel annoying. I can get through to customer service on the first try. I can design a website. I can decode tax jargon, manufacturing jargon, accounting jargon, investing jargon marketing jargon. I can redirect after my mistakes. (Ditto other people’s mistakes.) I can’t recommend this stupid, stupid path enough.

Recently, an experience with one of my manufacturers left me to reconsider this whole thing. The shirts I’d designed were nothing like the shirts I’d received, and as a small business, there wasn’t that much I could do about it. I did some problem solving, thought up the AntiCollared and DeCollared Tees and thought about how to put my preexisting skill sets and passions to better use. I like to write; I like to paint; I like to talk to people; I like to think through big deal, big sized problems; I like to be very literal within a very cloudsy space.

All of this education in entrepreneurship has led me towards the very obvious realization that  I want The Keep Collection to lean further into its intimate, high-school-art-project-type roots. This is what I do best, what I like most, what I want to see more of in the world. Stay tuned to see how my recent education in my personal and professional goals informs future editions, to see how I'll maintain that it's really all the same thing, and of course, stay tuned to see how much more I (and by I, I mean we) have to learn.