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Continuing Education

The internet has made finding stuff out mighty easy and made choosing sources mighty difficult. In a dream world, we would be on your short list, and we look forward to proving to you that that's exactly where we should be.

Here is the precise company we'd like to keep (i.e. our recommendations for online continuing education resources): 

Literary Hub

Lenny Letter

What The Fuck Just Happened Today? 


The Atlantic


And More Specifically

A sculptural representation of Mike Kelley's memory of each school he attended.

The Whitney Museum of American Art - Educational Complex

Sir Ken Robinson on the importance of creating schools that foster creativity.

TED Talks - Schools Kill Creativity

A look into where dress codes come from in the aftermath of teenaged girls being dismissed from prom for wearing pants.
The Atlantic - A Brief History of Skimpy Clothes

One boss's advice on how to handle workplace intern dress code violations.

The Cut - Ask a Boss: The Interns Don’t Know How to Dress Professionally!

W.E.B Du Bois was also an exceptional artist. These are the most beautiful infographics I've ever seen. 

The Public Domain Review - W. E. B. Du Bois’ Hand-Drawn Infographics of African-American Life (1900).

A look into the power of fraternities, hazing, coverups and Tim Piazza's death at the Penn State chapter of Beta Theta Pi.

The Atlantic - Death at a Penn State Fraternity 

A detailed and concise chart of all of the brain's cognitive biases and the purposes that they serve.

Visual Capitalist - Cognitive Bias Codex


And two pieces by my former-teacher momma!

NAIS - Teaching 21st Century Skills in The Age of Trayvon Martin

Why I Quit Teaching