Assorted Self-Portraits.

Because nothing's more fascinating than self-representation.

Like memoir, autobiography & confessional songwriting, self-portraiture has a special hold on me. I think that's cause there's no guesswork: a person tells an audience precisely what they want it to know about them. Self-portraiture is direct & deliberate enough that I, the viewer, feel allowed (invited, even!) to analyze, infer & observe.

My former student, Miguel Añino Arauzo, age 9, is hands-down the artist who has inspired me most in the last few years His most recent work inspired me to seek out assorted forms of self-portraiture from strangers & friends, all of whom I admire. I primarily took to Instagram asking for #selfies & #selfportraits, & here is a selection of the photographs, paintings, videos, soundbites & drawings that came in.