A Preface To Our Launch

What I Want You To Know Before We Get Started.

The Keep Collection is launching in a few weeks (!) & with its launch come two pretty perfect versions of a t-shirt, The Identity Edition & the beginning of what I hope will be a shared project of ours.

There is a fair amount of guilt behind the last ten months that I've dedicated to The Keep Collection & the t-shirt above. Though I'm certain this is exactly what I want to be doing, I’m still not sure that the world needs another clothing company or that your inbox needs another newsletter or that the internet needs more think pieces. I actually happen to have serious qualms about taking up more space, filling up the world with more “stuff.” I don’t believe in selling things, or in waste from an ideological or ecological perspective. This puts me in a little bit of a bind as a creative person since I have this goal of living to make beautiful things & share ideas. In creating The Keep Collection, an e-commerce business & online journal, I’ve turned this into a bigger bind. The Keep Collection makes stuff: signature t-shirts, limited edition knitwear, & contextualizes each new piece with some words, some images, some interviews etc. My hope is that by proposing a new way of making clothes & sharing ideas (as outlined in the introduction to The Keep Collection) The Keep Collection will be doing a net service.

It’s a lot to ask an audience to trust me from the get-go, so I want to help you out. I promise:

  • To be upfront.
  • To reveal the innerworkings of this operation, mistakes included.
  • To answer every question from every reader.
  • To court, digest & respond to feedback.
  • To become increasingly socially & environmentally responsible.
  • To be readable.
  • To be entertaining.
  • To put those things I find good & important out into the world.
  • To care a lot.

The Keep Collection is inherently autobiographical, and it would be silly to pretend otherwise. I, Susannah Emerson, started & run The Keep Collection by myself. I make clothing that’s important to me, that I want to wear. I write & ask others to write about what it is I’m curious about. I draw the images that I see in ideas. I include the work of people I admire. This is a privilege & a pleasure. However, as proud as I am that this is my project, I also want it to be much bigger than I am. I want to create versions of clothing items that you love, center editions around the topics you’d like to explore, collaborate with artists/dilettantes/readers/friends who are not at all like me. I know my voice is limited, & I know my field of view is limited, so for scope (& an ongoing education!), I rely on you. Be in touch.

Lastly, I want to extend a thank you to those who backed The Keep Collection Kickstarter campaign to make this company, this t-shirt and this upcoming edition a reality. In October, I raised $18,600 to cover a year’s worth of operations for this brain child of mine. I continue to be grateful and humbled by the people who have taken interest in The Keep Collection. To you: Thank you for your investments and your endorsements, and please come to me with your questions & comments so that I can continue to work on making you proud.