Launch Preparations


The Keep Collection is launching in a month, & there are preparations to be made. Chief among them is getting the word out about the brand & our two signature t-shirts: The Shorter & Longer Tees.

One month from now, The Keep Collection will be live: The Identity Edition - complete with poetry, prose, video, photos & drawings - will be up on this website for you to consume/digest/critique; our online store will be stocked with The Shorter & Longer Tees; we'll be shipping shirts across the country, & we'll have moved on to planning our next edition & next piece of clothing. Today, I'm chalking up city streets with the Keep logo & website, running a Thunderclap campaign & inviting you to join in the fun & easy parts of promotion.

In advance of the launch, I'm running a campaign with Thunderclap. The idea is to expand Keep's sphere of influence many, many fold by tapping into your Twitter followers, Facebook friends etc. Through Thunderclap, The Keep Collection will be sending out either a personalized or automated message (written by me) to your friends & followers. Participating requires your willingness & next to none of your time. If you join in, at the end of the campaign Thunderclap will send a tweet or a Facebook status update from your account about the launch of The Keep Collection along with anything else you might want to say about us.

As of June 2nd, we need 44 more participants for our campaign to run & for The Keep Collection to reach 106,152+ new people through social media. (This is huge!) If you're interested in our clothes & our mission, have a social media account (or a friend/parent/child who has one), or would like to support what we do, please consider participating.

To join the Thunderclap campaign, please follow this link, click a button & you're done:

So, that was the "easy" part & this is the "fun" part.

I have my reservations about marketing & self-promotion, so I've spent a lot of time thinking through alternative, interactive & surprising ways to talk to a public about The Keep Collection. I termed this my "guerrilla marketing brainstorming" & thought I was kind of clever, but recently discovered that #guerrillamarketing exists. So though I'm not actually much of a pioneer, I still like the idea. To date, my favorite "guerrilla marketing" method I've come up with is to chalk up city streets & sidewalks. I like chalking because it's not illegal, it's street art, & it's playful, but mostly because of how many people stop to talk with me when I'm writing something on the sidewalk.

So far, I've focused my efforts on San Francisco, where I live & where The Keep Collection is based, but I want to cover the sidewalks of new places with your designs (& with plugs for Keep). I'll be organizing pop-up chalk sessions in cities across the US & publicizing these events on our Facebook & Instagram accounts, & I hope some you might join in for a good time. Be in touch to suggest a city, spend some time chalking or get me excited about some other form of "guerrilla marketing" for The Keep Collection.


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