Excerpts from The National - Cut, Compiled and Reassembled.

I've borrowed bits from many of my favorite songs by The National, rearranged them and turned them into a poem about myself.

I can't say it better than they did.



Careful fear and dead devotion,

[I] looked happy for a woman.

Nothing else moves that way.

I’ll still destroy you someday.


[Oh but,] are you gonna fall apart again?

Did somebody break your heart again?


[Soon] the storm will suck the pretty girls into the sky.

Oh poor sky

Don’t cry on me

My head plays it over & over. 


I was a comfortable kid, but I don’t think about it much anymore:

All our lonely kicks -

Hanging from the chandeliers / How we swallow the sun

- that make us saintly and thin.


If I was less than amazing,

I do not know what all the troubles are for.

My head plays it --  I want to start over. 

Don't interrupt me. I want to be winning.

Darling, can you tie my string? 


Oh poor sky -

Do you really think you can just put it in a safe

Behind a painting, lock it up and leave?

- don't cry on me.


You are not the only one to sit awake until the wild feelings leave you.

I was thinking that you’d call somebody closer to you, oh - this is the last time.

(Let’s not try to figure out everything at once.)

Sleep well, beast.