Diamonds & Rust, Reimagined.

Liberties taken by Susannah Emerson.

Backbone by Joan Baez.


Well, I'll be damned 

I’m in your house again

You stayed here an extra week

To stand there and cook for me

And you knew it would work.


Back for you

To tell me how cruel it was 

To send you a story I’d wrote 

A number of winters ago 

on how you made me a child.


I have a good memory, you said - 

That is, for my version of things -

But you won’t say more than that

Suddenly you’d hit the thrust

And were quite a bit drunk.


Five years ago

I sent you ant candy

I wanted to your near me

We both know what memories can bring

They bring itches and lust.


Now eventually

You decided you missed me

Might hit Spain to see me

But I had a loved one in grief

And was sane for the spring.


And for a moment you see

You were a friend to me

But I painted you once times three

And when you are in paintings from me

There’s nowhere to go.


You once feared you’d hurt me

Tucked your eyes down cause I watched with great care

Said I was right not to trust you

You were too lost to be something like fair

Your breath comes out sweetly

Words don’t land when I’m cut with your stare

Speaking strictly for me,

We both could’ve died then and there.


Now you’re label free

Assembling tables -

Destinguished and able -

You who found a place for an e  

When it’s not really there.


I need your shaky hand now;

I see you too clearly.

I still love you dearly,

And if you'd say a sorry to me

I’d write a much nicer song.




The Original