Our Prices

As transparency is a pillar of The Keep Collection, we've laid out our pricing practices & the principles behind them here.

Each of our Tees & 2/3 Tees costs $8.00 & $9.50 to make, respectively. We sell them at $40.00 (Tee) & $48.00 (2/3 Tee) for a markup of approximately 5x. Industry standard is a markup of around 8x. As a new brand, we cannot yet reduce our margins by as much as we intend to, but we are able to charge well-below industry standard by foregoing traditional retail avenues & selling direct to consumers through our website.

Our shirts are manufactured by Pacific Continental Clothing in California. We make our shirts in small batches to reduce waste & overhead. These choices also account for higher production costs.

Our shirts are made of Supima®/MicroModal® blend which costs up to 100% more to produce than mid-quality cotton blend. This blend is distinguished by its superior feel & durability. Supima® is an extra-long staple, USA grown variety of Pima cotton. Pima cotton used to be called American-Egyptian cotton for its similarly long fibers, but was renamed to pay tribute to the Pima people of Arizona & the cotton they grew. MicroModal® is a knit fabric made of the finest & lightest cellulose fibers. It is similar to cotton, but is shrink & fade resistant. Its smooth ("silky," if you will) texture makes it the choice fabric for underwear. MicroModal® is considered exceptionally eco-friendly as it's made from reconstituted beech trees & produced through a closed-loop process that releases byproducts such as xylose, acetic acid & sodium sulphate all of which have a variety of common uses of their own.