We get around, and we want to take you with us.

The Keep Collection has its roots in culture - high culture, daily culture, pop culture. It's all good, and we take it all quite seriously.

At Keep, we travel to self-educate, explore and enjoy. We take the retreat model and tailor it to focus on culture, community and creative output. We team up with experts to give you unprecedented access to our destinations. Each of our trips is entirely unique, crafted as a collective learning experience. Our focus changes with each offering, but our abiding interest in place, language, identity and expression is our guide.

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Yoga Retreat in paris with Mira Valeria

September 20-27th, 2018

Like any good American Romantic, I love Paris. In love, I'm deeply possessive and compulsively generous. I give away secrets (itineraries, in this case) and get high on getting to put Paris and its secrets in my sentences.

I had the pleasure of writing out a guide to Paris for my dear friend and teacher, Mira Valeria. However, there's only so much guidance I can give from California, so we've be planning a way to explore together in real time. This September she'll be offering a yoga retreat, "Sept Nuits à Paris," and I'll be playing sidekick. 

In her lovely words,

This retreat was born from the desire to share, jointly, my two most favorite things: yoga and living another language.
I am of the camp that believes that language shapes one's experience. For me, travel, especially in a foreign language, goes far beyond being a tourist. It is an opportunity to try on and adapt. It is about embracing a place's social norms and embodying it's cultural nuances so that it becomes a part of me and I, a part of it. It is about getting lost and then finding myself, again and again. In that, it is a practice of yoga -- an exploration of self. 

Come join us. Mira promises to teach you yoga with precision, lightheartedness and perspective. I promise to tell you secrets.