We started with contextualizing the clothing that we make, and we've expanded by delving deeper into the context itself. We create art, travel experiences, conversation, and workshops around themes and questions that fascinate us. 


And in so doing we strive...

  • To carry out our aesthetic, ethical, functional and social ideals.
  • To create a self-sustaining forum for conversation & art by using the profits from our products and experiences to support our content.
  • To turn our inspiration & operations inside-out for our audience to follow.
  • To detail the thought process behind our decision making.
  • To produce high quality, durable pieces for our customers to develop deep & lasting connections with.
  • To pay each of our projects the attention it deserves by unveiling new pieces slowly, as individuals or in sets.
  • To curate a forum for thoughtful discourse.
  • To collaborate with our readers & customers in our creative & decision making processes.


Authenticity - Quality - Beauty - Inclusivity - Intentionality

Transparency - Passion - Community